What is an all-community mural?

Are you looking for something that will re-ignite excitement in your congregation and community? A collaborative experience that will bring all ages and stages together in a profound way? A powerful, emotional way of engaging the Bible stories any Season of the Church Year?

The All-Community Mural is it.

See people come together. Hear the laughter throughout the process. Witness the Word in visual form as it “speaks” to your community.

Through this simple yet profoundly engaging painting created by the hands and hearts of your own people, there will be a buzz of excitement as the project progresses towards the day of the big “reveal.” The people will literally see their own contribution to the larger whole as they take it all in.

As the paint-by-number masterpiece is viewed, participants will point out their contributions to the larger whole; a living metaphor for a community of grace. By word-of-mouth, people will come to your church to see this thing that has happened. They will want to be a part of it.

And it will not end with a first look! With simple changes to lighting, the congregation will return in the weeks that follow, eager to see its new appearance. They will bring friends and neighbors with them. Add worship services, special events, community concerts, drama performances, children’s programs — with the work of the community as the backdrop — and see what happens in your midst!

How might God use this simple yet powerful “bridge” of art to give hope and re-inspire your community in faith?

Does your church have four to eight artistic people who could be coached as your resident artists? Paul will guide them through the process giving them and your church the skills needed for years to come.

How about in your church or community?

See a mural in action
Imagine this in your setting.

Any size. Any shape. Any Season.

Paul Oman will guide you through the process so that your church will have a Season to remember, and a Word from God you will never forget.

What People Are Saying

I’m not artistic at all, but I get to have a little share in something that is going to be a really big thing!
Paul H.

Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Amery, WI

It’s fun working together with everyone on the mural!
Natalie P.

Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Amery, WI

What a joy-filled project!  People of all ages, working side by side, with all levels of skill and mastery culminating in a vivid, artistic display of God’s rich promises for our lives.
Heather Eggert

Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Amery, WI

The All-Community Mural was an exercise in community, grace, and living into the gifts given to us by our Creator God! It was an experience full of the Holy Spirit—watching as people of all ages came together to touch brush to canvas, to laugh and talk and share, to unify their joy in the coming Savior in the creation of a work of art—a reminder that no matter who we are, Emmanuel calls us all to the same space: the foot of the cross.
Holly Stoner

Director of Faith Formation, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Amery, WI

As beautiful as our completed mural was, I believe the even more significant aspect of this project was the process used to create it. The simplicity of the mural’s “paint-by-number” made it possible for both – Sunday School kids and 80-year-olds to add their brush strokes to the canvas.

As a community of faith, we worked side by side to create an extraordinary painting telling the story of God’s love for us. Paul’s design of the mural and encouraging oversight generated great excitement for all involved in the project.

Keith Ruehlow

Pastor, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Amery, WI

The highlight of the project was the way people got involved, not just from our church, but friends from the community got interested in being part of the project.
Jim Osborn

Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Amery, WI