Drawn to the Word Advent

with Paul Oman

“Bringing the Word of God to Life Before Your Eyes”
An Advent Worship experience in the Word like no other.

Dear Friends,

With the pandemic, things are different. I have had challenges, as I know you have also. There is stress among clergy and church leadership as I listen to your stories. I personally know about challenges in parish ministry, first-hand.

Both pastors and parishioners are in a place now where we have had to adjust and try new things. As you look to the upcoming Advent Season, what if there was a resource available to you that would be simple to use, highly-effective with your congregation, would engage people of all ages, and could be used for both in-person and on-line worship? Would you be interested?

I am here to help. I have just created a NEW Drawn to the Word Advent Worship Series just for you. This will free up your time, complete your Advent planning quickly, and serve to bring your people back to worship with curiosity and enthusiasm. I want you to come through this difficult time well, and to be in a healthy and vibrant position to carry out your God-given calling to Word and Sacrament ministry.

This series of four Advent video messages, each 12-14 minutes in length, coincide with the Revised Common Lectionary gospel readings for this year. Professional music and sound effects, along with a spoken message I provide, are edited into these productions. These videos are designed to engage both in-person and/or on-line worshippers. Your people will literally see the Bible stories come to life on canvas, and continuously transition from part of the story to the next as I quickly work in layers to “tell the story.”

For example, you will see John the Baptist preaching in the high desert wilderness. Crowds of people will begin to appear and surround John. As the painting progresses, John will descend into the waters of the Jordan River as these waters rise (are painted) around him. By the end, John is waist-deep in the river, baptizing the crowds. Professionally pre-recorded music and sound-effects compliment the movements of this edited production. I share reflective Biblical and theological thoughts during each video – a message and proclamation of the promises of God — so your congregation will both see and hear the Word, giving them a memorable and meaningful experience. The video is intended to serve as the sermon. So, you’re ready to go!

Paul Oman
P.S. If you order the Series of Four videos by Friday, Nov. 20th, I will send you a high resolution Christmas Story digital image from Drawn to the Word, at no cost. Your church will have copyright permission to use this image for Christmas worship services and in-house publications.
I have also created PDFs to help you in your planning.
These PDFs are FREE for everyone.

Advent Orders of Worship

Suggested Orders of Worship for in-person and on-line formats.

Advent Talking Points

A list of 10 Talking Points for post-video discussion, Confirmation, and/or families at home to use.

Artists Reflections

Artistic Reflections on each painting process from the Artist.
These Drawn to the Word Advent video messages will serve as the central planning piece, making the rest of worship planning easy. Before and after the video, add your own music, reading of the Scripture, prayers, and you’re set.
Advent 1

The Coming of the Son of Man

Advent 1 - The Coming of the Son of Man Video
Advent 2

Proclamation of John the Baptist

Advent 3

The One Coming After Me

Advent 4

The Annunciation

Advent 4 The Annunciation
FREE Worship Orders, Talking Points, & Artist’s Reflections PDFs.
Videos are only $49 per week, or $196 for all four weeks.
The professional video platform is Vimeo.
Easy to use. No commercials.
Most often used by churches.