Frequently Asked Questions

How can we make this happen?

Simply contact us to inquire or schedule a date. Paul will guide you through the planning process by listening to you ideas, providing sample templates & promotional materials.

How much will it cost?
Paul works with all situations to provide creative options to make most any budget and location work. Cost varies with requested options, travel distance, advance preparations by host, etc.
Is the canvas provided, or do we have to build it?
You have a choice. Either Paul can prepare the canvas and bring all materials needed, or he can provide you with construction plans.
What happens with the finished painting(s)?
In most cases, the painting(s) stays with the church where it was painted so it continues to tell the story.
How large can the painting(s) be?
Almost any size. You determine the dimensions so it will fit your space when completed.
What picture will Paul paint for us?
Paul will paint any Bible story or theme you choose.
Our church has multiple Worship Services on a weekend. How will this work?
No problem. Paul often paints back-to-back for multiple weekend Worship Services, creating a different image during each. This results in a series of paintings which “tell the story.”
Will Paul work with churches of all sizes?
Absolutely. From mega-churches and conventions, to small, rural churches, Paul paints before audiences of all sizes.
Will Paul come to our location?
Yes, Paul travels across the United States and internationally.
Is this only for churches?
No. Though Paul most often works with churches, he also shares the visual messages with colleges, school, conventions, retreats, seminaries, camps, concerts, outdoor events, and more.
Does Paul work with all denominations?
Yes, Paul serves across denominations, giving freedom to the event host to use their own theology and music.

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