Community Mural Packages

What is included:Package 1Package 2Package 3
Access to Paul Oman and Video Call with Drawn to the Word After Purchase
Projectable, Traceable Image Template
Paint Color Code Template
Color Reference Image
Description of Imagery
Planning Timeline
List of Materials
Canvas Construction Plans
List of Paints to Purchase
Promotional/Outreach Planning Guide
Special Lighting Effects Guide
UV/Black Light Guide
Video Teaching of Mural Imagery by Paul Oman for your Congregation
Free 1-Year Subscription to Downloadable Images Library (Up to $1,700 Value)

Community Mural Prices

Average Weekly Worship AttendancePackage 1Package 2Package 3
Less than 150$650$1250$1550
150 – 300$900$1500$1800
More than 300$1300$1900$2200

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Christmas 2022 Community Mural

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